Twin Spin Slots Big Wins

Twin Spin slots game offers big wins to anyone who tries to trigger high-paying winning combinations. Developed by NetEnt, the game is basically a traditional slot game with modern sensibilities. This means the game does not have all those fancy themes and unique symbols. It features the old-fashioned slot symbols like Cherries, Bars, Bells, and more. All of these get a graphical upgrade and players get to experience them all in crisp and edgy colors. The background music is also pretty exciting. But the most attractive feature of this slot is the Twin Spin slots big wins.

Anyone who has ever played a slot game will have no problem playing this modern update. It also manages to put a unique spin on the normal slot game. This is not surprising considering NetEnt’s constant innovation and dedication to being at the forefront of game development.

How to play to take home Twin Spin slots big wins

It can really be hard to hit Twin Spin slots big wins no matter how easy it is to play Twin Spin slots. But playing the game all the same can still give you a big chance to get the sought-after jackpot prize.

Know that the game has the traditional five reels and three rows. But instead of the normal pay lines, Twin Spin slots casino game gives you 243 ways to win every time the reels spin. Ordinary slot games have a predetermined pattern to check if a winning combination is achieved. This game does away with that and just checks if identical symbols appear in adjacent reels, starting from leftmost to right.

Before each spin, though, you have to place a bet. Each bet ranges from levels 1 to 10. Level 1 is equal to 25 coins, while level 10 is for 250 coins. The bet levels allow you to manage your game credits according to your liking. Additionally, you can just use the Auto Spin feature, so that you can keep spinning without having to click the Spin button. With 243 ways to win, you are closer to scoring Twin Spin slots big wins. The amount won, though, is dependent on the combination that pops up.

Features to help you bag Twin Spin slots big wins

Besides the basic 243 pay lines, the game also has the Twin Reel bonus feature that is quite different from what you expect.  The Twin Reel feature means that every time you spin, there will appear two random adjacent reels that are identical. The best thing about the feature is that the twin reels may expand to become up to quintuple reels. The feature is what you need to trigger Twin Spin slots big wins that may even reach 270,000 coins.

The Twin Spin slots mobile and desktop game also features the Wild symbol that can substitute for any needed symbol. Adding these bonuses makes it even more likely for you to win. You will definitely appreciate this feature and the Twin Reel bonus especially when you start playing the game. Spin the reels now.